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Carmen has a background in the fashion industry. While she was handed many opportunities in this field, she however did not feel this was her calling. It was this high paced environment that made her understand the importance of detaching and creating tools to become present. To nurture mind and body in order to be able to perform again.

After experiencing a burnout as a result of working in this fast paced industry that was closely followed by the death of a loved one, she knew that there was no other option anymore than to follow her heart. Since having benefitted tremendously from the practice of yoga since 2011, these lifechanging events made it crystal clear to her that she wanted to pay the message of yoga forward. In 2016 she became an official yoga teacher. She caters to anyone who wants to find tools to navigate through life. Whether that’s individuals, groups or corporations.

Coming from a multi cultural background she understands like no other what it means to have an open mind, be empathetic and understanding of people regardless of age, nationality or gender.

She is a firm believer that everyone has their own path to follow and she finds it important that people stay true to their authenticity and refrain from self-judgement. Carmen encourages students to really connect with their breath in each movement in order to explore what goes on on the inside while always maintaining a smile and an open mind.

Carmen Guda

Carmen Guda is a 350 H certified multi-style yoga teacher (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin & Nidra). She currently lives and teaches in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Trimurti Yoga


practices at Guda Yoga


Characterized by a seamless flow of postures, using breath.


Slow-paced style with poses held for longer periods of time.


Restful poses with the support of props for total release.


State of consciousness between waking and sleeping, induced by guided meditation.

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"Carmen's enjoyment of the practice of yoga is very apparent in her instructions. She incorporates the right amount of insight regarding the physical and energetic benefits of the practice of yoga, which makes me love coming to her classes."

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