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"Working with Carmen is a breeze. She’s professional, flexible and just a delight to collaborate with. She cares deeply about what is right for the audience and makes sure they have the best experience. We from Hey Tiger! are in Australia did a live online mediation and a live online yoga session with Carmen. Our audience just loved it! We got so many great reactions. Next to both sessions being top class people mentioned how her warm character shined though. Both beginners and experienced yogi’s got so much out of it."

Mirte van der Lugt, collaborator

"A gem of a human, Carmen threads spiritual mysticism with grounding narratives, helping each individual find their own pace of practice. Her expressive Vinyasa flows are equal parts strength and stability, allowing yogis to find presence in the moment and freedom in the flow. Her Yin classes create the space to fully let go and indulge in the here and now. Carmen’s dedication to honoring traditional asanas while constructing unique flows is admired and her classes will always be treasured."

Desiree Duym, student

"I have been joining Carmen’s classes for two years now and still enjoy each session to the fullest. She teaches in a calm, structured and focused way, which makes it easy to follow. She instructs each asana from beginning to end, always offers alternatives for different levels and gives adjustments where needed. I love her speeches about life, the moon and energy flows. Her classes are strong and powerful, as well as relaxing and calming. Whenever I practice with Carmen I can fully concentrate on myself and let go of all struggles I am facing. It feels like her voice as well as her sequences are really calming my mind and body and soul. Carmen always has a smile on her face and you sense from the beginning that she practices deep down from her heart."

Lola Schrooten, student

"Carmen's classes feel like a complete treat to the self, a journey through the body, mind and spirit, a dive into the magic world of yoga with fun and ease. Her voice is the sweetest and guides you along the way with a peculiar form of steady calmness. Practice with her is highly recommended!"

lulu Cornelli, yoga teacher

"Whenever she steps on the mat you will feel she is embracing you with her lovely energy. She has a great practice and this shows in her beautiful demonstrations. She is very precise in her cues and with this she can guide you safely in her classes. With her beautiful smile she will make you feel loved and special, so don't miss the chance to practice with her."

Jonathan Rivas, yoga teacher

"Carmen is definitely my favorite yoga teacher! I’ve been practicing with her for a year now and I’m always looking forward for that Monday class now. She’s very gentle but also knows how to spice up a class, her flows are relaxing yet creative and fun. During lockdown I also followed some online yoga and meditation, and I have to say she’s been super helpful and she’s been really important for me to switch off and free up my mind during this phase."

Paola Gambuzza, student

"Carmen is an amazing yoga teacher. I have practiced with her for some years now and it is always surprising how varied and exciting her classes can be. I never get bored with her. She has a lot of fantasy and she enjoys to frequently change her flows. She also likes to smile and she is great in meditation, with her beautiful voice she can take you to heaven. After a long day at work, yoga with Carmen is for me the best way to wind down and turn my head off."

Antonio de Fazio, student

"Carmen’s classes are amazing! She takes you through a wonderful journey of your body & mind. Her words, her flow, it all connects. After a class I feel completely zen."

sanne krop, yoga teacher

"In her classes, Carmen creates a very open and welcoming atmosphere. The focus is directed towards the intention and individual practice, which really helps me to focus on myself and my own goals. The physical ajustments she gives are very clear and helpful to discover the asana's more and more. She is very positive and her enjoyment of yoga energizes her classes. I like how spontaneous she is and her accessible approach."

Maartje Fijen, student

"Carmen is an enthusiastic teacher that brings about a grounding and calming energy to the shala. Her knowledge of asana and body awareness shines through her communication to her students and her creative and effective sequencing offer a class of meaning and benefit to the body, breath and spirit of the student."

Becky KhalilHatha, yoga teacher

"A friend dragged me along to one of Carmen’s classes and it soon became our ritual. She went above and beyond to support me during my yoga teacher training and is always a wise voice to hear. If you listen closely to her lessons you’ll find great depth. Time with her is always exactly as it needs to be, and for that I’m grateful."

James Myers, student

"I followed a few classes with Carmen recently and I absolutely enjoyed it. I noticed that she thrives to adjust her class to you as an individual, which made me excel more. I also like the fact that her classes are creative with a spontaneous no - nonsense attitude."

Berber van der Veen, student


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Whether you're looking to start with an early morning vinyasa flow, wind down with a yin class, relax deeply in a restorative class following the energy of the lunar cycle — Carmen teaches multiple classes each week at various yoga studios all over Amsterdam.

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